Blogging With Writers Block

So, I’ve been sitting at my computer every night.
Watching my stupid cursor blink.
Writing a little, erasing it, writing a little more, and erasing it again.
Every single night since last Thursday.
Sometimes I get a little further and get about half a post made before I lose steam and can’t think of anything else or a good segway into the next idea.

It’s driving me crazy. I have all these ideas but I can’t get them into legible sentences!


You know what I’m talking about.


That’s right. I’m talking about writer’s block.
That terrible moment when you can’t think of anything to put onto paper (or Google Docs, in my case) and you sit there and stare and stress and can’t think of anything else for the next 6 days.

Considering I’m trying to make a living with my writing, this kind of puts a damper on things! I need to be able to get my thoughts out so I have something to post!

Let’s fix it.

I have about 4 half finished, pending posts saved in my Google Docs. Waiting. I have no idea how to finish them, or if I even can!
I’ve done a ton of crafting, I have two Say Yes Challenge updates to get out there.
But I have nothing.

In honor of my terrible writer’s block, I decided to write this post on how to get over it.
Apparently, since I’m writing, something worked.

In my opinion, the best ways to fix writer’s block are:


  • Brainstorming
    I have a page in every bullet journal I am currently using specifically for random ideas that I have. You Bujoer’s will know it as the brain dump page. This is where I write out ideas I have of new projects, new posts, things I want to try and review, or really any thought that I would like to remember for a prolonged period of time. When I’m blocked, I will sit down and look at my brain dump page in the blujo (blog bullet journal) and just think about what I would write. The best way to get out of this slump, for me, is to write down my ideas and take a few notes about what I would write.
  • Inspiration
    Another way that I try to fix the writer’s block is to scour other blogs or Pinterest and see what other people are doing, how they write it, the transitions they use, and the pictures they take. Don’t plagiarize but seeing the pro’s go at it is so inspiring to me. Seeing a pro do what they do is such a good way to get ideas for me! I love seeing a person’s personality through their writing.
    One of the first pieces of advice I read about blogging was when you are blocked, just write something. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling mistakes, or even the order or sense of what you are writing. Just get something onto the page and make it into a readable post later. This was great advice. Most of the time when I am sitting here, I’m stressing about nothing being on the page and not having anything to post by my deadline. Having something on the screen actually kind of helps. And, eventually, while I’m writing what is basically thought gibberish, I get an idea of what to write about or how to transition to a different thought in another post.



What now?


I think that writer’s block will just be something I deal with for the entirety of having a blog or writing anything really.
It’s just one of those things that come along with having a ‘job’ like this.

Just remember that being creative can be hard sometimes. Having an original thought or idea is almost impossible.
Getting over this hump is possible, though.

Sit down, turn on some good music, and take some notes. Make a brain dump page, throw your gibberish thoughts onto a writing program.
Stop stressing and figure it out!

And stop stressing about the word count!

Have you dealt with writer’s block? How do you get over it?
P.S Sorry about the one picture, I’m having a creative block! XD

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