How To Start A Business Bullet Journal

Starting a business is hard. There is a lot of things you need to keep track of; for tax purposes and so you know what’s going on. I can’t think of a better way for a hobbyist to keep track of their new business than having a business bullet journal! Let’s talk about how to set up a business bullet journal.

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Why Having A Business Bullet Journal Is Important


Obviously, my business is my blog. While I don’t have the same things to keep track of as a standard retail business or a customer service, I do need to keep track of things or I will continue to write the same post over and over again. Not really, but I do forget things easy.
Having a bullet journal for your business/blog is important to:


  1. Keep track of spending and income
  2. Write down ideas and expand on them
  3. Tracking your statistics
  4. Social media growth is easy to track
  5. Plan future events
  6. Keywords/ Hashtag research
  7. Tracking affiliates, giveaways, and sponsors
  8. Figuring out things you need specifically for your business
  9. Celebrating your big moments!
  10. Be creative!

You can use other means to track your business but I really enjoy bullet journaling, so why not?


How I Use My BUJO for My Blog


I decided to go with a whole separate notebook for my blog and I added pages that help me track all the things above. I chose these pages because I think this is what is important for myself, my readers, and my tax lady.

Keeping track of my spending and income is one of the most important, if only for tax purposes and not exceeding whatever budget I have in place at the times. There isn’t too much in there right now, just hosting and a few supplies that I needed starting up.  
Writing down ideas is the most important to me and the blog. My mind is always running and I would forget things almost immediately, if I didn’t write them down. There is also quite a large space for me to expand on my ideas and plan out individual posts.


Tracking stats is something I haven’t quite got down. I’ve only got one month but I can see why it’s important and I love seeing growth as well, so along with the benefits of knowing where I need work I can also see how well (or not well) I’m doing on one page. This is also great for social media growth.Stats Tracker
Planning future events is for giveaways, social media posts, I even use mine to plan out the days I write and post to my blog. My time management skills aren’t the greatest so I don’t always follow my schedule. Writing Log and Social Tracker Keywords and Hashtags are new to me. I’m not really sure how to use them yet, hence the research and bests’ page!
Affiliates, giveaways and sponsors page, not sure how to go about this yet but that’s alright considering I only have one affiliate program, no giveaways and no sponsor, yet. Eventually this page will help me track what affiliates I use, how long and who wins my giveaways, and anything special that comes with sponsored pages. Giveaway and Monthly Tracker
Wishlist is something I have to remind myself of the things I could use/need for blog posts or general crafting projects. This is usually reserved for the big stuff so it’s tools that will (hopefully) be bought in the future. 

Wish-list and Income
I am very proud of that $3.15!

Big moments are the goals and big milestones I achieve throughout this blogging adventure. Right now I have 4 big moments, going live, 100 followers on Instagram, first penny, and first dollar (that first penny was a really exciting moment for me!)

Big Moments
Tracking my achievements!


Tracking Your Successes Makes You More Motivated.


For me, tracking growth and success is really important and seeing these things helps me to be more motivated and makes me want to achieve more.
Even more-so tracking failures helps me to see where I need to focus my time on any given day. If my monthly pages views go down one month I can see that I need to work on my networking and marketing more.


How Should You Plan Your Business Bullet Journal?


How you plan your business/ blog bullet journal is completely up to you. You can use and copy everything I’ve talked about or you can scrap it and do something totally different. If I’m not tracking a certain thing don’t be afraid to throw that in there.
If you aren’t sure on how you should lay it all out; write down all the things that you want to track on separate pieces of paper and stick them in and arrange until you get something that works well for you. 

Blank Cover Page
I haven’t figure out what I want my cover page to look like, so, this is what I have :p


Remember that there is no shame in not being artistic OR creative, if you have to copy a spread from someone else, COPY IT!

EDIT: I have dubbed the blog bullet journals- BLUJOS!

Have you used a bullet journal for a business? How did it go?
I’d love to see yours! Make sure you tag me on Instagram (@the_mommiest_hobbyist) and on Facebook!

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  1. Great idea! I wish I had as pretty writing as you! I am currently tracking my stats on random files all over my desktop and it’s a total mess. A journal like this would be a great idea.

    1. Thank you!
      I wasn’t even tracking anything until I learned about the Blujo (blog bujo). It’s great for pretty much everything in life:)

    1. Wonderful!!
      If you are a newbie check out the Artist Loft Journals! I’ve got a review here!
      I’ve been using one for my Blujo!

  2. I love it! I’m wrapping up a series on my about using bullet journals for different areas of self-care, including a category for professional tasks. I really love that you included a section for big moments! It’s so important to celebrate all of the wins, big and small. 😊

  3. I’m just bought a new calendar with a note section and I plan on adding a few of these items! Keeping a dated schedule has always been a challenge for me, but I love the BuJos are flexible. Who cares if you miss a week or 2 turn the page and try again.

    1. Cristi, Exactly!
      I went a few weeks not filling anything out in March. Just marked it with a dark gray and moved on to April ready to go!

  4. I love the idea of a bullet journal for tracking all things blog! I have modified the process slightly by using a Mambi Happy Planner as my bullet journal. I just don’t have the time to draw all the calendars and other items. I print trackers from online and add them in my Planner. Still BuJo based with a little more structure. 🙂

    1. That is such a good idea for people who don’t have the time or aren’t creative! I’ve looked into Happy Planner but I really enjoy drawing out my own, it’s therapeutic for me!
      As long as it works for you, that’s all that matters. 🙂

    1. Christine, I was very disorganized. I just made my posts up during writing and now I have a place that I can plan them out and I think it’s turned out much better!

    1. Deanna, I am thoroughly obsessed. I’m trying to get to my other hobbies on the blog but bullet journaling just keeps pulling me back!

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