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How to Start A Bullet Journal – Choosing Your Journal

I knew there would be a series coming. I felt it in my bones. I’ve noticed that along with ‘how to start a journal’ there is also the question of ‘what’s the best journal for beginners’. This can be for someone who doesn’t know if they will stick with it or someone who knows they will but they aren’t sure which journal they should be choosing. If you want to know what my top picks for journals are and a little more information on how to pick a good journal, check this out.
Prayer Journal

Choosing Your Journal When You Aren’t Sure About Sticking With It

For someone who has just been introduced to bullet journaling and you think it’s something you want to try out you probably don’t want to pick something that is really expensive. Maybe a little journal with 50 pages would be enough to figure out if you will want to continue this cool little hobby.
For those people, I would suggest just a regular lined notebook but I know that some people want to try using a dotted or grid journal to really see how they feel about it. Plus, who doesn’t love buying cute stationary?


My Top Choices For Beginners

Ghost Grid is something I will always recommend to anyone who asks…annd maybe those who don’t.  
Not only is this cheap but it’s great quality! The covers aren’t terribly pretty, you can spend a little more and get a faux leather one, but I covered mine is Washi tape (is there anything that Washi tape can’t fix?). Ghost Grid is a great choice for beginners. The paper is great, very little bleeding with most markers and pens. 116 numbered pages, and a pre-made index. The A5 is about $8 so if you decide that you aren’t as into bullet journaling as you thought you would be, it’s not a huge dent in the pocketbook. This will be my first choice for any beginner in bullet journaling! Here is where you can get them.

Ghost Grid Journal


Artist Loft is newer to me, but I’m using them for 2 of my journals. Check out my in-depth review of Artist Loft Journals from Michaels here.
These are a great little notebook. I went batty when I found them because they have an A4 size (128 pages for the A4, 249 for the A5) and a ton of color selection. While not as great as the Ghost Grid these are a fantastic choice for a beginner. You can get them here!

Essentials journal is something I bought on a whim. I wanted to try it out and I was in a hurry to get another journal. This is an alright journal. It does have quite a bit of ghosting and more bleed-through than any of my other journals. In a pinch, it’s fine and having 192 pages is great! It’s great for beginners or journalers who use just pencil or colored pencil in their journals. Or for people who don’t really mind ghosting. You can find them here.
Journals - Ghost Grid, Lined, Essentials
Lemome is something I have not tried but is recommended time and time again on bullet journaling sites. I have heard that some of them have a problem with the binding splitting during normal use but in most cases, their customer service deals with it quite quickly and effectively.
They are a little more expensive than the other three choices here, at $12 and up and I can’t say anything on the quality since I haven’t used one yet. It’s cheap and they have a pretty good selection.


The Ghost Grid is my top pick for beginners or anyone who doesn’t want to spend more than $10 on a journal. Hands down, my winner!

If you aren’t sure what you need in a journal take a look on Pinterest and Instagram and see what kinds of things you are interested in there.
If you need more pages an A5 Artist Loft might be your best choice, if you don’t, Ghost Grid could be your way to go!

Have you found your journal? Which one did you pick for your first?

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