Cleaning Supplies I Can’t Believe I Was Living Without

I recently jumped on a bandwagon. I don’t usually because popular things are usually pretty expensive. This one, however, was not crazy.



Grove Collaborative


Grove Collaborative Haul Yes, that bandwagon.
I’ve been making my own cleaning supplies for about 8 months now and they work great but I started watching clean-with-me’s on YouTube and a lot of the women use products from Grove.

I’m not sure what compelled me to start watching clean-with-me’s. One of the women’s house was beautiful and clean and I just wanted to be there all the time.


Have you seen any of these yet? They are incredibly motivating! I clicked on one and just ended up watching them until about 1 am.

Anyway. I was so motivated and inspired to clean my house but I wanted so bad to try out the cleaning products they were raving about!

So, I did.


What I bought

Mrs. Meyers Haul


When I logged on to, I was immediately met with free gifts! I love free stuff. There is nothing like getting more for your hard-earned money!

This is what I bought:
Shopping List What I bought

As you can see, I got quite a bit in my gift. I spent about $35 on everything on the list and it even had free shipping! For 90 days! 



What do I think?


I thought it was all hype. When you look at pictures of Instagram, you can almost always see a few bottles of Mrs. Meyers on the counter. Everyone RAVES about this stuff.
I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I love everything that I ordered. The gloves are a bit small (large is the largest they carry) but that will be easily remedied in a month or two of weight loss. 


My ABSOLUTE favorite is the Bubble-Up soap dish and scrubber. LOVE IT. it’s so pretty and saves SO much soap. 
Grove Bubble - Up Dish Scrubby

Grove Bubble- Up Ceramic Pot



Speaking of soap, it smells wonderful. The hand soap and the dish soap both have such lovely scents, I’ve done my dishes three or for times today.

The Best Grove Soaps


My house smells incredible after cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.
You moms and wives will for sure understand this one. My toilet doesn’t smell like pee!
My husband and mostly my oldest son will miss the toilet on occasion and no matter what I do, I can’t get that smell out of the bathroom. A once over on the toilet with the Anti-bac and the bowl cleaner and it smells so fresh!

My ONE complaint is the bathroom cleaners I bought only come in one scent, Spearmint, which is not my favorite smell but it’s not a deal breaker.

Final thoughts

My husband, who doesn’t usually like when I buy a bunch of stuff, was SO pleased with everything, if only for the fact that I spent a few hours cleaning.

It’s SO worth it!

Grove Collaborative Bucket


(I will receive compensation from Grove, at no cost to you, if you use the link below.)

If you want to jump on the bandwagon too, use this link and you’ll get your five piece gift set with your first purchase!

Let me know what you think about Grove in the comments!

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