Digital Bullet Journaling – For Beginners

Recently, I bought an Ipad for work reasons.


I thought it would make it easier to do all the blog stuff but really I just accumulated more work from it!

Anyway, so I got this Ipad with the super expensive Apple Pencil and have been planning on doing a digital bullet journal.


It’s been about a month and a half and I have just now started on the digital bullet journal.


I looked around for some tutorials and inspiration but the pool is really shallow. There is so little about how to get started on a digital bullet journal.

Of course, it’s exactly what I do with a notebook and pen so I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure it out. But here we are.


Getting started

Starting out you are going to want a few essential things. That being an Ipad that’s compatible with the Apple Pencil (I think you can use any Ipad compatible stylus, but I got the Apple just to be safe) the Procreate app which is available in the app store, and Goodnotes. You don’t NEED Goodnotes, you can stop at Procreate and just bullet journal from there but I bought the Goodnotes app before I knew that. So, I’m going to get my use out of it.


Now that that’s out of the way


It took me a long time to figure out what I was doing. I   wrap my brain around the digital aspect of journaling.

Now that I’ve been doing it, I can’t understand why it took me so long! I tossed the idea of a notebook background and using my dot grid. I think that made everything a lot easier.

Your first step (once you get used to the idea of doing it digitally) is to figure out if you are going to do just a month at a time or completely commit and do a whole year’s layout.

I choose to treat the digital version the same as the traditional and throw in the whole year like I would any new journal.

I’m not sure if I will continue using digital but if I do, I’m set for the year.

Step two


If you are the creative type you can pretty much start right away. If you like themes or have certain ideas you want to use, you are good to go. If you aren’t creative you will probably want to look around for inspiration, digital planning supplies, or even some free downloads to spruce up your journal.

I suggest starting with the page you use most often. I started with my period tracker because it always looks the same and I fill it out religiously. Since you can change the order, later on, it doesn’t matter what order you start in!

The Creative world is at your fingertips


If you are a creative, artsy person you have so many options for digital bullet journaling.  You can make your own digital stickers, layouts, drawings, labels, even clickable tabs!


Personally, I make everything myself since buying things is not really an option for me.


One of the upsides of digital bullet journaling is you have so many options and instead of having a tool for everything littered all over the place (pens, pencils, markers, paint, etc) you have it all in the Ipad and it takes up less space than a piece of paper! (Of course, I still have all of the other stuff because I use it for multiple things)


  • If you had no idea digital bullet journaling was a thing and are interested in trying it out, don’t be too overwhelmed. Just think of it just like your notebook.
    It doesn’t have to be beautiful or creative and if that’s what you are looking for you can always go back and change something (another thing I LOVE about digital).

  • I HIGHLY suggest, instead of a regular screen protector or a tempered glass one, you look into buying a matte version.  It’s definitely not impossible to draw on the regular screen protectors but I did have a big issue with drawing straight. The protector is smooth so the Apple Pencil doesn’t have anything to grab on to and your lines just get wonky and shaking. I purchased a matte protector about a week ago and will never go back. It has made things SO much easier.


  • USE LAYERS! I’ve made a few things without layers and it’s so much easier to go back and change something when everything has its own layer. You can merge after you are happy with your page but I suggest leaving it, just in case.

  • If you feel like you’re overwhelmed, try picking a layout from Pinterest and recreating it on your IPad. This way you get an idea of what you should be doing for your other layouts.  
  • You don’t need to start in any particular order so choose a layout that you love and work from there.


My personal opinion


Since this post is about a month in the making, I’ve had a chance to really try out the digital bullet journaling.

I love it…BUT… I miss traditional. I love notebooks and the paper and getting to choose my tools. There are some huge perks to digital bullet journaling but I just can’t give my paper and pen up completely!

I don’t know about you but I really enjoy shopping for new notebooks and with digital, I don’t really have the chance to do that because the ‘paper’ on my IPad is endless.


Digital bullet journaling is definitely a viable option and would probably be great for someone who is always on the go (and has the same brand phone and tablet, which I do not) but for now, I think I’m going to stick to traditional bullet journaling!

Let me know what you think about digital versus traditional in the comments!

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DON’T FORGET! I made a dot grid printable that’s available to all of my subscribers and is great for both digital and traditional bullet journaling!

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