How To Bullet Journal – For Non-Creatives


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When I started my first bullet journal almost a year ago, I was so overwhelmed and intimidated.

I noticed that a general worry about bullet journaling is not being able to pull off all of the beautiful spreads that you can find on Pinterest and Instagram. I felt it! I mean, some of the layouts you can find are so amazing! Even I can’t make most of them!

I think, because of this that a lot of people miss out on the organization and fun of bullet journaling.


No Need To Be Afraid


When I started, I wanted my journal to be pretty and feminine and look just like the ones I had spent months looking at online. Let me tell you, my very first layout and even most of that journal was SO ugly.

The Ugliest Spread ever


If you can’t draw or if you can’t draw certain things, maybe you can’t do lettering, no need to fret! There are other ways to have a beautiful, feminine journal!

I’ll also let you in on a little secret…It DOESN’T HAVE to be pretty! I am a pretty artistic person, I paint and draw and tons of other things, but most of the time my bullet journal is SO plain. Check out my September plan with me for one of my first ‘pretty’ journals.


Tools For Non- Creatives


If you are like me, you are going to hear people say what I said above. “It doesn’t have to be pretty!”.
I may not have the skill or time but I want this thing I look at throughout every single day to be aesthetically pleasing!
My first tooltip, for those people who can’t draw or come up with ideas (ME!), is to check out Pinterest. If you have not been on Pinterest by now, you are a lost cause.
Just kidding. GO! Check it out. There is so much inspiration to be had for your bullet journaling needs!
The next tooltip is to check out Instagram! They have recently made it SO easy to see the things you enjoy. You can now follow #s! I follow all kinds of bullet journal hashtags!
These are both hyperlinked to my accounts but take a look around at others, there is so much to see!
My last tooltip is one that some people may not even think of. I know I didn’t.
Facebook Groups! I highly recommend this one. Facebook groups offer a few things the other two don’t, a SUPER helpful community of people who are there for just one reason! You can ask questions, or browse them, find inspiration, get help, it’s endless what these groups can do!

How To Make Your Bullet Journal Pretty (while still not being creative)

I’ve mentioned a few of these in the previous post, but they are so underrated, I’m gonna do it again.


  • Stamps!
    Stamps are my number one choice for creativity without being creative. They come in all shapes, forms and size, you have an endless color choice at your fingertips, and the best part! They are REUSABLE!
  • Stickers!
    Stickers are just as good as stamps but with one major flaw. Once you stick it, it’s gone, until you dole out more money for the same one.
  • Colorful Pens!
    This one, I think, EVERYONE should have. Even non-bullet journalers. An arsenal of colorful pens is such a great tool to have!
  • Coloring Pages!
    This is one I have not used personally but have seen many awesome things be done with color pages in the Facebook group I linked above. These are probably the cheapest option too since you can print a whole ton of stuff from the internet for dollars.
  • Print Outs!
    This one is super close to the coloring pages but you have to consider those people who can’t draw a straight line (me!). Printouts can be so pretty and they are super easy to just slap in your journal.
  • Pre-mades!
    Also very close to the latter two mentioned above but this would be your most expensive (and potentially most creative) way to get a beautiful bullet journal. Buy a journal that someone else handmade OR getting a store bought pre-made (not the planners, I mean things like Happy Planner)
  • Commision!
    This one I came up with as I was writing everything but I realized you can probably commission artists or other bullet journalers to make certain things for your journal (or the whole thing)


The Bottom Line


DON’T be afraid to start! I went from something so hideously ugly that it will probably never see the light of day again to something I can live with or even enjoy looking at every day.
If ‘practice makes perfect’ is not in your future all of the above are viable options to give you that beautiful, bright bullet journal you’ve always dreamed of!

How to Bullet Journal For Non Creatives
How do you decorate your bullet journal? Are you creative or no?
Tag me on social media, I LOVE looking at others bullet journals!

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  1. It’s as if I wrote this article myself! Lol. I love being creative and arty but sometimes I just don’t have enough time to make each weeks layout look bedazzling!
    I’ve recently started making my weekly pages very plain but then other bits like the main monthly page or my most recent one -books to read, a bit more special that I can take my time with.
    I’ve realised I just need a simple weekly to-do layout for my crazy head and my arty stuff for when I have time to relax.

    1. YES! I find when I put a lot of work into my journal, I like it more but it also feels like a chore!
      Thank you so much for your comment.

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