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How To Bujo – Pens, Markers, Pencils, Oh My!

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It’s been a while since I posted about bullet journaling. I thought I was doing too much but here we are! If you haven’t already read my previous How To Bullet Journal post, check them out here and here!

Now that you have your basic idea of bullet journal and your notebook picked out we are going to talk about your writing utensils.

My preferred Tools


First, let’s talk about what I choose to work with on a daily basis.



I have two types of Tombows in my arsenal.
The Fudenosuke pens and the Dual Brush tip Pens. They both have different jobs but they are both two of my absolute favorites.
I use both for lettering; the Fudenosuke pens are for smaller letterings. I actually use the Fudenosuke hard for my daily writer and the soft for a lot of my headings and titles. They are wonderful pens and they are great for most journals because there isn’t a lot of ghosting (almost no bleed through in everything I’ve tried)
The Dual tips are a multi-tool for crafters. They are used a ton in journaling, mine included, for any number of things including coloring (depending on what you are coloring on), watercolors, and lettering. The bonus with these are that they are dual tip; they have the brush tip on one end and a small bullet tip on the other, making them great for pretty much any need.

I also have the Pentel Touch pens. These are A LOT like the Fudenosuke soft pens except in a plethora of colors. These are mostly used in one specific spread because I don’t use a lot of colored lettering. I do like using them for accents and the occasional lettering piece outside of my bullet journal. Some of the colors do bleed a little in lower end journals (red, blue, black, and purple are the usual culprits) but that’s something you will have with ‘juicier’ pens on thinner paper. I do love these and they come in handy, for me, to color code certain things in my bullet journal.

How To Bujo - Pens!

Zebra Mildliners
I love my mildliners. These are my highlighters but along with the fluorescent colors, there are less painfully bright colors. I use these for writing as well since such a range of colors is available. I love color coding my big to-do’s during the week with these!

Ink pads

How To Bujo - Pens, Pencils, Markers, Oh My! - Ink Pads

I have a ton of ink pads and recently acquired a few more. Which I love. I don’t use them with stamps in my bullet journals only because I only have a few stamps and nothing that I would want to put on my journal. I love inks for large area color! I bought stencils specifically for this type of use with my ink pads. I know, they are not for writing in my case, but the ink is a great tool for it when you have the right stamps!

You know what I use, now it’s time to pick yours!


Two Ways To Choose


In my opinion, there are two ways to choose your writing tools for bullet journaling. Some people may choose their pens and such according to if they bleed or ghost in their particular journal. I, personally, would rather choose different paper if my choice pens were ghosting and bleeding.


  • Price point
    Your first way to choose your tools is by price. I know that some people would rather not spend $16+ on a small pack of markers. That’s ok, everyone has their budget and idea of what is worth what. If you are looking to save a buck, the best way to choose your supplies is by the price (without skimping on quality). You can find all kinds of budget versions of craft supplies. I hear Wish is really good for some art supplies as well.
    If you do choose to do it this way make sure to read reviews! It’s awful to think you are saving some money only to find out you didn’t and were better off buying the name brand in the first place!
  • Recommendations
    The second way to choose supplies is through recommendations. This is highly suggested. Tried and true is the best way to go. I actually found most of my supplies by the recommendations of a few bullet journals Facebook groups, Instagram, and Pinterest. The best way to know if something works are to hear about how it works for others!
    If you choose this way just make sure to ASK QUESTIONS (if possible).


Other Options


I talk a lot about pens and markers, mainly because those are my main tools. Pens and markers, though, are not the only things you can use! Some people absolutely hate ghosting and one of the only ways to avoid it completely is to avoid ink!
Not many people choose this route but you can totally do a bullet journal with colored pencils. I don’t use color pencils in my bujo but I do use them for art and by far the best I’ve found is Prismacolor. They are bright and saturated, right in the middle for the price, and they have a huge color selection.
Another alternative to ink but pretty close is watercolor. I highly suggest this for people who are using a mixed media book or a watercolor book. If you are not, I would not recommend using this at all, as you could potentially ruin your book.

How To Bujo - Pens, Pencils, Markers, Oh My! - Watercolor


Things to think about


How To Bujo - Pens, Pencils, Markers, Oh My! - Things to Think AboutWhen you are choosing your tools for bullet journaling there are a few things to think about. You will want to think about how you feel about ghosting and bleed through. If you are worried about it and you absolutely love your journal that may not have the best paper. markers and pens may not be for you.
If you are minimalist you can probably get away with only having a few supplies. If you are more creative and artsy you may need to have a few more supplies stashed around the house to achieve whatever level you are looking for.
Another thing, which is sometimes overlooked, is your storage. Do you want to take your journal and supplies with you on the go? Are you going to be buying more than a pencil holder can hold of markers? Make sure you have adequate storage because bullet journaling in a mess is hard!
The last thing to think about while you are purchasing your writing supplies is my favorite!
Can you use what you are buying for more than just journaling? I loooove having multi-taskers in my craft supplies. If you are an artist, think about what kind of uses you can get out of certain supplies. If you can get a multi-tasker (like the Tombow Dual Tips) you can save so much space and money!


I hope this helps you figure out how to bujo! Don’t forget to check out the whole series! (links at the top of this post!)


What else do you want to know about bullet journaling? Let me know in the comments!

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