Lettering and Calligraphy- The Supplies


Has anyone noticed that when you start one hobby sixteen other ones come with it? I did.

I started bullet journaling and immediately noticed lettering and calligraphy was almost essential if you wanted the classy, sophisticated look that you see on Instagram. Most of the headings in my journal consist of a very badly done lettering and if you do a quick search you can see that I am not alone.

So, even though we are in the middle of bullet journaling, I wanted to start this one as well, since it’s actually very useful with pretty much any artistic hobby, especially bullet journaling.


Lettering and Calligraphy


There is a slight difference between the two.
Lettering is basically drawing and building up your medium to form a letter and calligraphy is a one stroke pass type of deal.
In my case it’s going to be both because sometimes it’s just not right and I need to go back and fix it.

When I was a child my grandmother always sent me letters with these really beautifully addressed envelopes, obviously I did not take as much joy as I would now in them but I still saw the beauty in her handwriting.
20 years later and I have delved into the very same hobby and can only hope that I will be half as good as she was.


Mixed Media and Pens
If you’ve already gone out and bought everything you need for bullet journaling, you’ve probably already got everything you need for lettering.
You need paper and a certain type of pen.

That’s it. 

The Pen 

For the pen you can choose from a few different varieties.
The cheapest choice is probably something you might laugh at.

Crayola markers. These are simple and easy to use in this format.

Next we have Pentel Touch felt tips, which are one of my favorites for lettering. They are a bit more expensive than others but they are fantastic. The only problem I have is that they do not have pastel colors. Which isn’t too big of an issue. Paper mate also has a very similar product with more of a color selection.
Tombow Fudenosuke is my very favorite pen/marker for everything. Lettering, daily writing, inking drawings, and chew toys for my children (not really). They are a great pen and for less than $10 for 6 of them they aren’t too bad on the wallet and you get a choice between hard and soft. I got a package of 3 of each. I am too indecisive for these types of decisions!
This one I have not tried but they look absolutely fabulous and come very highly rated. Tombow Dual Brush Pens. They have a great color selection and blend! They are pretty expensive so if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend $18 on ten markers there are many alternatives.
For the old schooler you can choose a fountain pen or a calligraphy pen. Hobby Lobby has many sets that come with the holder and a few nibs. Depending on the paper you choose you can even use an alcohol based marker like Copics.

The Paper

My favorite Pens
The paper for lettering is a personal preference but I like using Mixed Media sketchbooks. You just need to make sure that your paper is smooth. Especially, if you are using a calligraphy pen as the rough paper can catch your nib and ruin it or ruin whatever your writing.
You can also find paper specifically for lettering and calligraphy. It’s usually lined at a slant for better letter postition. A smooth paper sketchbook will work great for practice.
With your Crayola markers printer paper is also great for practice.

The Ink


If you decide to go with the calligraphy pen our the fountain pen you are going to need ink. I have not used a fountain pen but I do have calligraphy pens and I use ink in some of my art. I find that Higgins Ink is my go to as It’s pretty cheap and it’s easy to work with.
It will stain your floor (personal experience) so keep it away from your kids!
Fortunately, they also make fountain pen ink.

Have you tried it yet? Let me know, I’d love to hear how it worked out for you!
You can see how the different pens look here and see my sort of tutorial here!

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