My Best And Worst- August

Have you ever noticed that DIYers and crafters are ALL experts, everything turns out beautiful, and no one spills anything, EVER?

Go look on Pinterest. Go on, do it.
Not an ugly, misshapen project in the bunch.

We ARE perfect


We aren’t. I’m just kidding.

The beautiful thing about the internet and the sharing sites it offers is that people like me can hide the monstrous failures of a project in the bottom of the trash bin and no one will ever find out.
We only show the pretty things!  And to our audience, we seem like the perfect crafter!


It’s a lie!

We mess up ALL the time. Or at least, I do.

I’ve decided to launch a new series! Instead of just showing you the perfect things I do and hiding my failures deep down inside, I’m going to show you EVERYTHING.

Not everything. Just the crafts.

At the end of the month, I’m going to be highlighting one or two of my best and worst work.

Who doesn’t get a giggle out of a horribly done craft project?



This month I think my biggest win is my dresser! Did you see this! It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made!
I had a little help considering I didn’t make it, I just made it pretty again.
I learned SO much doing this little project (i don’t know what I’m talking about, this thing took 6 weeks to finish!) I can’t wait to do another one.
Spoiler- It probably won’t be in this category next time!

Now onto what you’re really here for!



There have been MANY.
This one is from a few months ago, but the size of this fail deserves a spot!
My first attempt at slime!
Guys, this was SO terrible. I made a few batches and they all turned out REALLY hard. One almost, kinda, sorta looked good. But it was all really bad.
My daughter enjoyed it though. She loved making it and playing with it afterward.
Wins and Fails - Slime failThe next one (the evidence has been destroyed) was a unicorn watercolor for my daughter. The sketch was good, the base color was good, and then something happened and it just looked like I had tried to paint a demon horse (which would have been funny, considering it was for a 6-year-old). It was awful and immediately dispensed into the fail bucket.

This last one is my most recent.
As you probably know I have an incredible amount of bullet journals (which keeps increasing, somehow) I keep one for pretty much everything, including the blog.
This month because I love fall, so much, I decided that an Autumn theme would be really cute. I couldn’t be bothered to draw my leaves for this and thought, ‘I just bought a bunch of paper punches with cute designs, maybe I can use one.’ 
I did..and then went a little too far with it.
The leaves are ok but when I took the pumpkin punch and went to the bottom of my page like a slasher movie, I ruined it. I did not realize that I wouldn’t be able to get all the way to the inner corner of the page. So. there’s that page I have to look at for the next month!

Wins And Fails - September Blog Cover

I hope you enjoyed my total failures for this month!
Let me know what you think about this new series, should I keep it?

I would also love to see everyone else’s failures!

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  1. I seriously had to LOL! I love this post for 2 reasons. First, I have also considered doing a series of my “Pinterest fails”, because let’s be honest; We DIY mommas have a lot of those. Secondly, I also had a major slime FAIL! If you’d like to check out my adventure in the homemade slime fail, you can see here:
    I really enjoyed this! Can’t wait for the next post!

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who fails at the slime!! I ended up buying some recently and LOVE it, so we are going to have to try again. Thank tou so much for reading and having a laugh!

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