Mood Boards Aren’t Just For The Trendy

We all need some inspiration, sometimes. And sometimes, it’s hard to find just what you’re looking for.


If you read my last post, you saw that I wrote a little about inspo boards.

While working on some aesthetic stuff for my blog I discovered this little trick and it’s been SO helpful!


What is it?

An inspiration board is a collection of images or things that inspire a certain mood or some form of creativity. It is often referred to as a mood board. (I will be using the two names interchangeably throughout this post)

It is usually a physical board hung on the wall or set somewhere highly visible but I have been using a private Pinterest board to serve as my inspo board since I don’t think I could fit one more thing into my house.

I really thought that these were just something that people did because it was trendy. But after making one I can tell you that inspo boards are probably one of the most amazing creative tools you can find.

How to make a mood board


Making a mood board is relatively easy, whether its online on a tangible board. Everything but printing, cutting and gluing will be the same.
On Pinterest (because it’s the easiest place to do it) you will want a specific board for this. Having multiples is very encouraged!
You can make it public or private by now I have a few of them that are all private.
Once you name your board and have the settings to your preferences search for something.
Think of a few words that encompass the inspiration or mood you are looking for and type them in and just start saving things that you like, conjure the feelings you want, or that is just pretty.
There isn’t a set number of pins that you need to pin until your heart’s content!


The next step is to go to the board. Look through everything you saved. Do you see a general theme? When I went through my blog mood board I saw a lot of the same colors and shapes present in quite a lot of the pins.
I really have a thing for circles, apparently.

Do you see a consistent color or pattern? Maybe a texture or a vibe? A certain art style?

These themes are the things you want to pull from your board. Obviously, it will greatly depend on what you’re doing this board for.

If you are doing a Pinterest mood board you are pretty much done. You can make a section in that board and pin the most inspirational posts. I would say take the best 5 or 6 that conveys this style or mood and section them off. Make sure to include color, shapes, textures, art, and styles in your inspo board section.

And you’re done!

If you want a physical, tangible board you have a few extra steps. You will need to print some of these pictures off, cut and attach them to whatever you are using as your board. I highly suggest using some paint sample strips, ribbons, tassels and other decorative things that match your mood board. Instead of just having flat pictures, you will have some cute embellishments as well.

Now that you know how to make your inspiration board, what do you use it for?

As I said above, I am using mine to change some aesthetic stuff on my blog. I also have one for a little something that I’ll be announcing soon.
You can use it for a decorative piece (just the physical board), school projects, room makeovers, art, and graphic arts, bullet journaling is a big one. There is really no end to what you can use your mood board for.
You can change a few things and even use it for a weight loss inspiration!

There you have it, you now have a SUPER helpful tool for inspiration!
Let me know how they work for you, how you spice your board up, and what you use it for!

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