Never Leaving The House

Maybe not totally rational; I have a fear of taking my kids out alone. Sitting in my house thinking about taking the kids to the park or the store gives me this really heavy feeling.
It doesn’t make any sense really, considering that once we are out I’m fine. Other than the stress that comes with having three kids out, by yourself, in high humidity and heat.

It’s gotten a lot better since I started The Say Yes Challenge but it is most definitely still there.

Today, we are going to talk about the things I did/do to get over my irrational fear of taking my kids out of the house.

Time Sensitive Tip!


I have a tip, which I can no longer use, for you new moms. Take them out when they’re young! I know the car seats can be heavy and it’s kind of a pain to lug them around everywhere but it is SO MUCH EASIER than when they are older!
Once they start crawling and walking you have to watch them, especially if you have a runner like I do. He can run at pretty much any moment and sometimes it’s so dangerous!
A lot of the time, if you have one like my first, they will sleep while you are running your errands or hanging out with friends.
This is something I didn’t do as a new mom. I wish someone had told me to go out while they were young!


Getting the kids out of the car


This. This is such a huge thing with moms of multiple kids. HOW do you get 2 or three kids out of your car without going into a complete stress overload and locking yourself in the house forever? You get the first one out and have two more in the car. You can’t watch all three of them and a parking lot can be really dangerous for little kids.

My super duper, life-saving tip for you is to teach your kids to put their hand on the car until everyone is out of the car and you have eyes on them.
I taught my oldest this as soon as she could understand, even though I didn’t have any other kids at the time. My middle holds her hand instead of putting his hand on the car because he’s defiant and doesn’t like to listen sometimes. My youngest is the last out so I haven’t taught him this yet.
When you have multiples, it’s so hard to know where all of them are all at once. Having them put one hand on the car gives you a little piece of mind while you are unleashing the rest of your hoard. If your car is too hot just change it up a bit and have one have a hand on you and the rest can hold hands.

Another hint I have for leaving the house is to park next to or near a cart corral. Obviously, this one is for shopping which is 50% of our excursions. If you park near a coral you can put the kids in the cart as they come out of the car. Another plus for this is that there isn’t a lot of time that your children are out of your site.


Pay attention



Paying attention is SO important. This is not a tip as much as it is informative since most moms know, a lot can happen in a few seconds.
I know I sound a little helicopter mom like. I’m not but because of where we live, I try to be extra vigilant. It’s not a bad city or anything but we live right off of where two highways come together. So there’s a ton of traffic. Unfortunately, with that traffic comes the danger of kidnapping and child trafficking. Having eyes on your children is always important but in high traffic areas, it’s an absolute must.

Ask for help


If it’s possible, I will ask for help. I’ve moved around my shopping day every week so I can have someone to shop with or have someone with my kids at home. Usually, it’s my mom or my husband.
We’ve also recently started going to play dates. If I want to take the kids to the park and I’m having the anxious feeling I will get a hold of one of the moms I’ve recently met. Just knowing that I won’t be there along really helps. The extra set of eyes is a huge help too!

Obviously, not everyone can use these tips.
This last section is for you.


If all else fails


This one really only works for having to shop but if none of these work for you, you can always use delivery services. Many store offer delivery services like Amazon. You can have most of your groceries delivered to your door and not have to worry about leaving the house with the kiddos in tow.

If you have a big yard and a little budget room you could also get some play equipment for your home. Since staying in the house at all times is not realistic with kids having something close to home, where you are familiar with everything, and can work on any safety concerns that arise is a viable option.

Most of these I use myself if I had the yard I would definitely do the last one, but they are all really good ways to make getting things done easier

I highly suggest joining a local playgroup on Facebook, contacting your local church to see if they have any information about mom groups, or talk to the other moms at school!
Have some more tips about leaving the house? Let me know in the comments below!

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