About Me


This is probably one of the most boring pages on this entire site but, I guess if you want to know more about me, I can probably make that happen.

I’m Britney, you probably already know that but maybe you didn’t.
I started this blog with the intention of showing the world someone who can’t decide on just one thing. I had this big dream of being a famous blogger (do those exist?) and people flocking to ME to get advice on how to do this or that.
Turns out, this is really a really hard, complicated thing; running a blog and I’m not sure the 12 of you who visit a day really constitutes people flocking.
Even though it’s difficult, I actually enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would. I LOVE that there ARE 12 of you who enjoy hearing my opinions on this thing or how I think you should do that.

I struggled a lot with many areas of my life, including being a mother and being creative but since starting I’ve seen the struggle subside into more of a flopping about.
I still have lots to work on, a lifetime of hobbies to try, and oh-so-many supply reviews to publish and I hope that the 12 of you will really enjoy what’s to come.

Is that a good “About Me” page?
Honestly, turned out better than I thought…It might actually be better than the whole blog.

Thanks, everyone!

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