The Say Yes Challenge – A Little Different

Obviously, I’ve been off my game for a while. Dealing with writer’s block, new things on the horizon, and helping my husband with his business.
It has been crazy the last few weeks!

To be honest, I have not been the best person in the last few weeks. I’ve noticed that my patience has been thin and my anger has been high.
I would like to be able to blame it on lack of sleep and the copious migraines I’ve been having. But I know I can’t.
I’ve just been fed up and angry at everything.

There has been a lot of yelling in the house, lots of stress, lots of worrying about everything.
I want to put a stop to all of that and get back on track.

Update from the last two weeks


Even though I’ve been angry and loud, I’ve mostly stuck to my other goals from my last post.
We went to the park a lot, whenever weather permitted. A few activities here and there AND we have a playdate scheduled with some moms in my town.

My daughter and I had a talk last week. She’s been sad lately and we figured out that it was because she doesn’t really have any friends her age. Aside from her brothers, she doesn’t really have anyone to play with.
We both decided that we need to make some friends since my two friends live in different states.


I’ve been out helping my husband work quite a bit in the last two weeks, which is nice and at the same time not. It’s nice to just be quiet and get some work done but I’m not as in love with what he does as HE is. The kids got to spend some time outside at their grandma’s (and have the farmers tan to prove it).
With all this and my creative block on top of it, things have been a little hectic.

Goals for next week


Like any other week, my main goal is to not yell and say yes. Diving further into that, I want this week to be centered around my anger with the kids. I need to work on having patience with the kids and they need to work on ways to better express their feelings. That one may be hard considering how young they are and that my youngest doesn’t speak much yet.

This popped on the radio last week as I was driving the kids to their grandma’s so I could work with my husband. The timing was so incredible, I have been struggling with exactly this for a while. I felt so guilty while listening because I know what I’m doing is wrong. I let my temper and my wants get in the way of raising my children the way I KNOW they should be raised.
I know the message I’m sending to my kids is the wrong one. I want my kids to know that they belong.
This whole challenge is a way to fix that and I think maybe I’ve been leaning on myself far too much.
A few of my goals will be a little different from the last few weeks.


  • Be more patient
  • Lean on God and pray
  • Listen to two sermons on raising kids
  • Devotional with the kids
  • At least two park visits

I have faith that this next week if I stick to my goals, will be far better than any week so far.

My belief in Christ has obviously not been a central theme in any of my blogs. But I know that if I do what I should have been doing this whole time, leaning on Him, things will get much better. Even if it’s not easier.

Another update down!
If you have some advice for me, I would love to hear it! In the same boat, I’d love to hear that too. It’s always nice knowing you aren’t alone.
Don’t forget to tag me on social media if you participate. It can be an activity with the kids or even just a quote that inspires you to do better.
I want to see it all!

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