The Say Yes Challenge – Week Four

Another update! This week was by far the best one for me and hopefully my kids.


This Week On: Saying Yes


At the beginning of this week, My mother, daughter and I took a trip out-of-state to visit some of my family. Which was actually really nice.
I seriously expected my daughter to talk my ear off the whole time.
She did but I did not get to the point of wanting to pull my hair out.

We stayed in a hotel, visited with family, went to numerous places to eat. We were going to go to a drive-in movie but I didn’t think any of the movies would have been appropriate for her. We were also going to go to the local amusement park but they hiked up their prices from $2 a person to $40 a person. And that’s just to get in, no rides included!

My main goal for the trip was to give her some much-needed one on one time and attention.
Goal accomplished!
There was very minimal yelling, lots of attention, and a ton of quality time together.

I realized when I got home that it’s the combination of the three kids all having their own woes together at the same time that stresses me out.
After we came home, the yelling increased along with the stress.

BUT. I still managed to keep my cool most of the time!

Stay Tuned For: Goals For Next Week.

I think next week will be my last week with the challenge, depending on if I like the results.

I will be focusing on education next week, since we have been slacking, and continuing a few goals from the beginning.
I home school and we haven’t been doing much in the way of education and since it’s summer, I figured we could change it up a bit.

  • 20 minutes of reading, every day
  • No yelling
  • Outside time, every day
  • Less screen time!
  • Keep saying yes


I figure if we focus on reading (which my daughter is still struggling in) for the summer she will be more confident by the start of our school year.
The screen time is an issue in our house because it’s so easy to turn the TV or tablet on and get what I need to get done! I’ve noticed that they can no longer entertain themselves while the TV is off! It drives me batty and I feel a huge amount of guilt over this since I know it was my doing in the first place.
We’ve just implemented a new chore system in the house which includes ‘money’ for doing good things and getting their chores done. It also includes having to PAY me for screen time and being naughty! (I’m excited)

We will see how this new chore system works in the next week and if it helps we will keep doing it and I will share the whole thing with you, plus a printable!

Since I am not completely satisfied with my results, this will be a weekly update until I feel that I have sufficiently reached my goals!

How are you doing? WHAT are you doing? I would love everyone to share stories, either here or on social media!

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