The Say Yes Challenge – Week Three

It’s time for another update! I’m a little more excited to share this one, hopefully, it turns out more lighthearted than the others have been.

This week on: Saying Yes

So, this week, while I haven’t knocked out all of my goals I did hit quite a few of them. Which is far better than the first two weeks.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen the activities we’ve been doing (keep an eye out for a kid-friendly sewing practice post) but aside from those, I have gotten better at letting my oldest help with certain things.
I am not a huge fan of having my kids help me with things. Chores and cooking are two things I don’t really enjoy and just want to get done! But, this week, I let my daughter help. We made lunches, cupcakes, practiced our sewing, cleaned up the house, all with minimal yelling.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still yelling up a storm, but it’s mostly directed at my 3-year-old. He is my little trouble maker and decides he won’t listen to pretty much anything I say unless I yell (working on it!)

We very much enjoyed making our Mother’s Day gifts and slime. Actually, my daughter was absolutely pickled (I meant to type tickled, but this happened and I’m gonna have to say, I AIN’T MAD)  about the slime, check out my post here! She LOVED it and it’s a pretty inexpensive thing to do, so I will be buying more glue to have another go at it.
My husband and I took them outside a few times and they helped with some outside chores and played.

AND, drumroll, please!

I taught my daughter how to ride her bike without training wheels!!!

We are both super proud of this and we have been telling EVERYONE! I know this is going to sound like one of those little things to some parents and non-parents but this is huge for us!

Stay tuned for: Goals for the next week!

This week, I am going to be working on leaving the house. I started out wanting to take the kids to the park more often but only took them the one time. I would like to take them at least once a week.
I also need to get our routine back since my daughter and I have been neglecting our traditional schooling in favor of activities and such. We are going to work on getting back into the habit of school in the mornings. This also requires some tweaking with my sleeping schedule; I have regressed back to waking up at 9 am instead of my normal 7 am.

Friday evening, my mother and I will be leaving to another state to visit my dad. I was throwing around the idea of taking my daughter (we had planned for the kids and my husband to stay home) and have decided that we will be having a ‘girls weekend’ in addition to going to see my father. So, our week will end and start a little crazy. We will make it work.

  • Park at least once a week
  • Getting our routine back
  • Continuing to work on the no yelling!


How is everyone else doing? I know I haven’t been very good at this so far but we are turning it around and I’m super excited about it!

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  1. It sounds like you had a great week, congrats on the no training wheels!!! I hope you have a fun weekend with your mom and an awesome week next week 🙂

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