Tombow Dual Brush Pen Review

Tombow Dual Brush Tip Markers. People are crazy for them. And by people I mean ME! I love them! They are a great tool for anyone who is into art or lettering. A lot of people talk them up and I am here to say that they are probably the best marker I have ever used.

Tombow Markers
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Tombow Hype

The dual tips are hyped like crazy! Everyone talks about them and those who aren’t, you can bet that they probably have them sitting in a cart waiting for purchase.  Usually, when something is SO talked about there is a catch, too pricey, don’t work the way they should, or just bad in general.
But these!
They totally live up to the hype! They are a tad expensive, for markers, at around $16 for a 10 pack but I see no problem with spending a little more on something this fantastic!

Lettering With Tombows

What You Get

On Amazon, you can choose between 10 different packs or the very large 96 pack, which contains all of the colors for about $143.
You have your choice of Bright, Primary, Pastel, Landscape, Galaxy, Secondary, Greyscale, Portrait and Muted. There is also a Manga set. I have the Greyscale and Pastel and love them! Cannot wait to get the Bright and Galaxy…
Who am I kidding, I want them all!
In any of the 10 packs you get 9 colored dual tip markers, with a brush and fine point nib, and one marker that is clear. This is called a colorless blender. It is meant to blend one color into another. (you can color directly onto the colorless blender with one or two markers or draw on a piece of paper with a colored marker and go over it with the colorless blender to spread the pigment.) 
Don’t fret if you have some staining on your marker tips, the color will eventually run out and return to its original color, even it’s it’s still stained.

Tombow Marker Nibs
The colors are wonderful. You get a good range of colors throughout the complete set, in the individual sets, and even just one or two markers. The pigmentation and saturation of the colors are beautiful. These are so versatile that they can be used for so many craft/art projects! I use mine over watercolor frequently.


Bonus: Either cap fits on the ‘end’ of the marker while you are using it!

Uses For Tombow Dual Tip Pen

Tombows and Watercolor

I love using these! I use them for anything I can!

  • Bullet journaling
    I use my Tombows every single day in my bullet journals. Even on bad quality paper the ghosting is minimal!
  • Watercoloring
    These markers are water based so you can use them for watercoloring a whole piece or just as an accent. For watercoloring you will want to put down your color on the page first and use a paintbrush and water to push the color around OR you can color on a waxy surface and use a brush from there (I use a resealable plastic bag, Tombow also makes a pallet for their markers!)
  • Lettering
    I use these a lot for almost all of my lettering. I love the big, thick lines I can get with the brush tip and the other side is great for small details like shading.
  • Coloring/drawing
    I love looking at people’s work with Tombow Dual Tips. I think they would be great for someone who’s not great at art or is maybe just starting out. They make drawing flowers a breeze.

Blossom Drawing With Tombows

I waited a few months to get these markers and had a really hard time choosing between which color packs I wanted, I really wanted the Pastel pack because it’s hard to find markers in more muted, soft colors and darker colors have a habit of bleeding on thinner paper.
I was worried that I would be spending a bunch of money on something I wouldn’t like but these are great and have so many uses that I would recommend these to anyone who does anything with stationary or art!

Are you planning on purchasing these? Already purchased them? Let me know what kinds of things you use them for! Tag me on Instagram to share your Tombow creations!

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  1. I NEED these in my life, so pretty. I will just have to think of a spot to hide them from my 8 year old or she will steal them all, ha!

    1. They are WONDERFUL!!
      Mine are hidden below eye level, in one of those Tupperware containers with latches. XD

  2. Those pens are super cool, I’ve been doing some coloring lately and these would be perfect plus they look like high quality art pens for the kids (they are taking classes). Putting them on my wish list! <3 Jamie

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