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Washi Tape Nails



I cannot believe it has taken me this long to figure this out. I’m sure I’m not the first but If I am this needs to shouted across the rooftops! Nail wraps are pretty expensive and they are only a one use thing. Instead of nail wraps, get yourself a few super cute rolls of Washi tape and you are set for A LOT of nail wraps.

Washi Tape Nails?

Washi Tape
Taking videos of lettering and baking and drawing means the my hands are right there for everyone to see. If my last video is any clue on how many people saw my gross, chipping manicure, steps needed to be taken.
Not really having a whole lot of color selection with my polish and having no other nail decoration, I was sitting there wondering how I can make my nails more presentable without having to go to the store and spending money I don’t have. Maybe I’ve seen it on Pinterest or Youtube but I thought, why not Washi Tape. Michaels has a sale going on for 7 piece tubes for $4.99 and I got three plus the mounds of tape I already have, I have more than enough to last me a lifetime of nails.


What you need.

You are going to need a few things but if you are a person who does their nails at all, you probably already have them.

  • Washi tape
    You can buy this online, in pretty much every craft store and even the Dollar Tree.
  • Nail file
    Any nail file will do. 
  • Top and Bottom Coat Nail Polish
    I used the one pictured below. I think there are better ones, this one seems to not dry as hard as it should.  

How to do it.

I may have done this the hard way but I got it done. Pick out your Washi and any extra nail polish colors you want to use on other nails.
You are going to want clean, dry, prepared nails. Prepared as in you want to rough up the top of your nail so the tape sticks better. You can paint them with your bottom coat (or your top coat) and let them get tacky or you can put the tape directly on your nail. Either way works pretty much the same. 
Lay your Washi across the nail. Horizontal or vertical placement is up to you. I chose horizontal. Then use the nail file to file the tape around the tip of your nail, this doesn’t work with the edge of your nail so a pair of scissors would work here. Once your nail is how you like it get your top coat and apply generously to each nail, making sure that it is totally covered including the tip! 
Tip: Don’t start the other hand until whatever you did on the first hand is dry!
You are going to need a miracle for your non dominant hand…I can barely paint it let alone, cut around a shape with tiny scissors.

End Result?

I think I did pretty well. Considering I almost always mess up some part and I rarely do my nails. I tried several different ways to keep the tape on my nail without the lift up, including nail glue. Nail glue does not work. The best way for me is to apply the tape directly to my nail and use a heavy layer of topcoat. 
All in all, I think they are super cute. A little extra work but really worth it for people who don’t want to buy or spend a bunch on specialty nail tools.

Bonus, they lasted the night!

Have you tried Washi nails? How did it turn out?
What is your favorite Washi style?
Let me know in the comments or on Facebook!

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  1. Wow this is a really awesome idea! It looks super simple and could save me a ton on manicures! I can’t wait to try it out!!

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