Why Paper Crafting Might Be My Favorite

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You know that super cliched moment in movies, usually near the end, where everything clicks together and everyone lives happily ever after?

Yeah, I had something like that happen to me. Minus the happily ever, though, I’m still hopeful for that.



I’ve found my purpose!

All of my readers already know that I’m a pretty crafty person. The phrase I use is “serial hobbyist”. Somehow, I’ve gone my entire life not trying a certain hobby that I’ve recently picked up. All of the hobby hopping that I’ve done, I’ve never gotten around to this one.

So, this moment happened a few weeks ago. I was browsing through YouTube looking for crafting ideas. Eventually, I happened upon a channel called Little Hot Tamale. She was doing a tutorial on how to create a thing called a mini album from a file folder. I miraculously had everything I needed to create this thing I’ve never heard of before.

I made it, it took a while longer than I expected because in the tutorial she had a pretty file folder and all I had was the manilla, so I had some extra gluing to do.
I finished it in about 2 hours and LOVED it.

It was so cute and FUN! I didn’t have to struggle for hours thinking of something “original” to make. There was no drawing an inch long line, hating it, and erasing it on repeat for an hour.
It was just so easy.
Not in the “this isn’t challenging” kind of way but it was relaxing and engaging and I felt so creative!

Annnd, then I dove head first down the rabbit hole of paper crafting.

I am officially obsessed! I keep discovering new things or finding inspiration or tutorials online. I have made pretty much everything I’ve found on YouTube and even came up with a few things on my own! Even when I’ve done the same thing over and over again, I feel like it’s something new every time. All the choices in beautiful paper and being able to make my own embellishments makes for something so unique every time!
I am so excited that I love it so much.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love drawing and sewing and the other hobbies I’ve been doing but paper crafting is so relaxing for me! It makes me feel like I’m good at something.
I mean, I know I’m good at other things, but sometimes when I compare myself to others it seems like what they do comes so effortless to them. That’s how paper crafting is for me.

Not only does it make me feel creative with making pretty much anything I can find or think up but I’ve also been thinking of ways to ‘expand’ what I’ve been learning and the skills from other hobbies.
I’m in the process of making my OWN pattern for a project for my husbands business!


I LOVE all the beautiful paper, too! I know it’s usually pretty expensive but Michaels almost ALWAYS has the 48 sheet packs on sale. Amazon has some amazing paper as well, but it’s a bit more expensive.



I think I’ve found my calling!
I have some other news about this new hobby as well. I’m not sure if I want to save it for a whole other post or if I want to announce on social media!

Regardless, keep an eye out for a few videos and some pictures of the things I’ll be creating!

As always, give me some thoughts in the comments! Ideas on what I can make, places to get supplies, cool supplies. Or even just to say hello.

Leaving comments and interacting really helps out!


I’ve linked a couple of my favorite tools that I use EVERY. DAY. If you are getting into paper crafting or just something using paper, I HIGHLY suggest these!

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